Sunday, November 20, 2011

Google Static Maps API V2

The Google Static Maps API lets you embed a Google Maps image on your web page without requiring JavaScript or any dynamic page loading. The Google Static Map service creates your map based on URL parameters sent through a standard HTTP request and returns the map as an image you can display on your web page.

The following example contains the URL of a static map image of downtown New York City, which is displayed below:,Brooklyn,NY&zoom=13&size=500x500&scale=1&format=jpg&maptype=roadmap&language=thai&markers=color:blue|label:S|11206&markers=icon:|C11211&path=color:0x0000ff|weight:5|40.707255,-73.952193|40.708718,-73.95627|40.710475,-73.955197|40.720949,-73.956614&sensor=false

you can pass the parameters such as center, zoom, size, format, maptype, language, markers, path and sersor.

You can see details here:

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