Monday, June 8, 2009

AdSense for domains

What is AdSense for domains?

AdSense for domains allows publishers with unused domains to help users reach relevant information by presenting content on the domains.

Users often type domains into their address bar or follow expired links leading to sites with no content. Instead of an "under construction" page or 404 error, AdSense for domains provides links, search results, advertisements and other content. To do this, we use semantic technology targeted to the domain name. You earn revenue when users interact with the ads on your site.

If you have a site that has content on it (e.g., articles, reviews, forums, blog postings or other text), then your site should be used with AdSense for content. If you have a page with no content on it, then AdSense for domains can help your users. To get started with AdSense for domains, check out our set-up instructions, or search or browse our AdSense Help Forum for more information.

AdSense for domains

Use the Google Chart API to create charts for your web applications

With the Google Chart API you can build a URL that will dynamically create a chart for you. This service is used internally for Google Finance, Google Video, and beyond. Now, anyone can use it!

Although it is simple to use (just a darn URL after all) you will see that there are many options.

Here is just a few charts to show how broad this is:

Line Chart×125&chd=t:0,30,60,70,90,95,100|20,30,40,50,60,70,80|10,30,40,45,52|100,90,40,20,10|-1|5,33,50,55,7&chco=3072F3,ff0000,00aaaa&chls=2,4,1&chm=s,FF0000,0,-1,5|s,0000ff,1,-1,5|s,00aa00,2,-1,5

Bar Charts×125&chd=s:hello,world&chco=cc0000,00aa00

Pie Charts×100&chl=Rails|PHP|Java|.NET

Venn Diagrams×100&chd=t:100,80,60,30,30,30,10


Solid Fill,3.0,0.0&chs=200×125&chxt=x,y&chxl=0:|Jun|July|Aug|1:||20|30|40|50&chf=bg,s,efefef